Indomitable Bill!

When I was in the planning stages of this voyage, I wanted to understand general weather conditions and departure timing. I reached out to a few professional meteorologists in the sailing field. In the end I worked with Chris Tibbs, who prepared a comprehensive report on the matter. One thing he wrote was that, about the Southern Ocean, I could think of it in any color I wanted as long as it was grey! The past week, sailing round the North Pacific High, I have experienced just that: grey sky, grey sea, grey mood. Today, I finally had a bit of sunshine and blue sky, so, of course, you get a picture. And since mama likes to see her son, make it two. I also had enough of lollygagging at slow speeds so we’re on reef 2 and genoa now. I’ve spent the afternoon trimming, with the hope of getting over the High. And, you know, a few times the wind came behind the beam! But it’d be short lived and we’re mostly sailing between 40 and 60 degrees apparent. We’re still playing that game of yo-yo I wrote about last time. What else happened today? For one I learned something that blew me out of the socks I’m not wearing! Bill Hatfield set and holds the record for the voyage I attempted, in the context of the WSSRC rules (he left from Australia). For success to come his way I thought he had tried three times, which was already quite impressive. But no, he had to get to the starting line six times! Six times! Some attempts were short, some he was two thirds into it! Determination takes a whole different dimension here. I am hoping to meet with Whitall Stokes before he departs, and see his Open 50, maybe talk of his plans (I’d think he’ll be busy). These are really wonderful boats, from a few generations ago, but splendid offshore sailing machines nonetheless. Arrival is still tentatively set for Wednesday afternoon (tentatively being the operative word here). My wife has got my taste buds in uproar as she wanted to know what I wanted to eat. After five weeks of freeze dried food, fresh food sounds great! So my answer was: if it’s a morning landfall I’d like a hot chocolate and croissants; around noon, a (good) fish & chips (with fresh cole slaw); in the evening, a fresh salad, a bacon & mushroom tagliatelle, followed by a pizza. And also, licorice candies and chocolate, and a fresh ripe fruit, and … In truth, taking my girls in my arms is all I really want. Well, it’s progressively getting colder here, so a cabin heater too, and a water maker, and … Insatiable man is. .

Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

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  1. Mention of food brings smile to my face. Skipper, no craving for kabob or rice? Come home safe and you shall have it all!

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