Unlike other content of this website, this page is intrinsically that of the person who is behind this project. It is essentially personal. There will be a lot of Is.

Why circumnavigate Earth on a small sailboat? Any way you slice it, a solo circumnavigation is an enormous undertaking in terms of time, funds, relationships, risks, preparation, and personal sacrifice. As I write this, several years away from the start, it is obvious that I am not ready for this challenge. Not yet, that is. There will be many obstacles before, during, and after the main event. I have several years to prepare and transform myself to be ready. Where will I find the strength to carry on as struggles mount? I believe that a solid emotional foundation and an open exit door are essential. Let me address the second part first.

An open exit door

What do I mean with an open exit door? Simply that I’m not taking myself too seriously; if, for any reason, this project is driving me insane, it is OK to quit. There are plenty of other things to do in life. I’m doing this to enhance my life experience, not to drag me down. I accept that there will be difficulties, and I also allow myself to move on if necessary. If you are interested in contributing to this project, this may deter you, thinking that I am not committed. I am committed, I’m just not a prisoner. Where possible I will return what I was given, should I find it best to relinquish this dream.

A solid emotional foundation

With that out of the way, we can comfortably face everything else. So, let’s talk about that solid emotional foundation. What do I mean thereby? Simply that in times of struggle one needs to be able to rest on something solid, and regenerate one’s strength and desire to carry on. Friends, family, commitments are certainly solid pillars to rest on. Ultimately though, true strength comes from the heart. And in my heart is where I seek to build this foundation.

I think I’ve always dreamed of building a solid connection with Nature, being at one with the Cosmos, however grandiose that sounds. I haven’t succeeded, nor tried much either. An existentialist stuck in a normal life, I haven’t done much. I’ve picked up activities here and there. In 2013, I thought about learning to sail. I went through a few ASA certifications, started building up experience, and discovered that I enjoyed sailing solo.

Sailing solo has proven to be an activity that allows me to connect with Nature. The oceans are constantly moving and changing, just like life. Winds are coming and going, swirling with soft gentleness and atrocious force, just like life. And in between these two, there’s this sailboat, a piece of human engineering, and me, a product of human culture, trying to make everything work happily together.

When I look at the Vendee Globe skippers racing around the globe I sometimes have tears in my eyes, thinking to myself: “Me too, one day”. I cannot explain why and, although my participation in such a very high profile event is very unlikely, I can dream of smaller accomplishments. Starting in 2016, I have set myself small goals to grow as a sailor and a person, to be closer to where this crazy dream may, one day, appear possible.

Why not?

In the end, although I like being alone at sea, working the boat, let’s be transparent, if I push myself to answer why I want to do this, my best response is often: Why not?

I don’t want to prove something; there’s nothing to gain. Am I simply being excited by “Humanity’s explorer gene” and trying to make sense of it? It is stronger than me; maybe ancient mariners were similarly driven when looking at horizons: the call of the unknown, the wild.

Let’s do this!

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