Fooling around

And it was yet another day of boat work, nothing fancy though. I changed the engine coolant and flushed the heat exchanger (the water was clear). So with that, the only thing left would be to change the sail drive oil.

I also hacked the life raft door seal back together and slapped the door back on the stern. That is not a perfect job and I do expect water ingress.

I also inspected the auto-pilot coffers and found oil in the port one. That is not news and I am not sure yet where it is coming from. To be honest there aren’t many options: it’s most likely the oil from the cylinder.

I hoisted the old jib to let it dry a bit, removed it from the headstay, and flaked it somewhat correctly. This is to make room for the new one. I also cleaned the deck to remove a fair amount of bird poop.

Author: Skipper

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