First hoist!

It was a light wind day, so trying out the new sails was good. We hoisted both the new jib and the new spinnaker. Alex’s main observation is that the boat is much more balanced under these new sails. I’ll say it is really nice to have sails that were cut for Changabang! I think it’ll take some trial and error to see if we need to make some adjustments to the current setup. I also would like to experiment with stronger winds when CaB is fully powered up. In ocean swell it’s not clear what sort of speed we should be able to achieve. And getting Sylvain aboard to help with trim would be good to. I think with the “new old” main sail we will have a much better arsenal.

I’ve also continued to remove stuff from the boat for our weighing event in March. I brought back home the gennaker, the 2 code O, the jib top, and 2 spinnakers. And there’s still plenty to bring back.

As we were sailing I noticed that the starboard D2 was a little slack when to leeward so I went up and gave it a full turn. I also gave the starboard D1 a turn. I took pictures and traced a line along the mast track as usual. I don’t think it looks worse than it did before. I do feel like there is still a slight bend to starboard.

Last, it looks like the engine is happy as I couldn’t see any leaks. Crossing my fingers that my handy work is holding up.

Zoom in to see the line to the left of the track

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