If you can dream it …

You can do it. That’s my hope. The dream: to sail around Earth, solo unassisted, going West, leaving from San Francisco, and returning there. It’s a big undertaking as explained here. In fact, I made my first attempt in October 2020, which lasted the better part of 2 weeks before I turned around and sailed another 3 weeks to come back home. You can peruse the blog to read more about how things unfolded. Or for those who prefer videos, there are plenty here.

A teaser Keaton put together before my first attempt

Since then, it feels like every year, the vicissitudes of life have kept me from giving this another go. The dream is still alive and I have hopes (plans?) to give it another go in the next few years. This website could benefit from a revamp so I’m focused on maintaining the blog with the latest updates.

As you can see in the video below I’m just a regular dude who wants to accomplish his dreams.

A quick video about my passage to Hawaii from San Francisco

For context, I encourage the interested party to check this article I wrote for the Ocean Cruising Club.

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