Boat preparation

Up to date as of December 2 2019.

In the spirit of “one can never prepare a boat enough” I am cutting corners. Or more specifically I’m entrusting previous boat owners. Here’s what I know has been done and when, and what I will likely do.

Hull and appendages

The boat was surveyed late 2018 and the hull/deck checked out just fine, which I confirmed when I inspected the boat. The boat was very well built and it shows: no rot, no osmosis, no nothing. By design, this Class40 includes a few safety features: 3 cubic meters of reserve floatation, 1 crashbox, 1 forward watertight bulkhead and 1 after watertight bulkhead. The boat also has a very high coachroof, which would ensure that the boat would spin back upright, should it roll upside down (not a guarantee with wide stern boats).

The antiskid, antifouling and covering were all redone in 2018.

The rudders were dropped and rudder bearings replaced where necessary. So, I’m going to say that this part checks out without further work, except for anti-fouling. And, of course, one can always beautify a boat more (re-do the covering for example), but this has are not priority items.

Standing rigging

This is a topic that’s always up for debate, with one extreme saying I should replace everything before leaving. One thing to keep in mind is that my trip is likely going to be 30,000 NM long. I will sail conservatively so as to protect the equipment as much as I can, considering that the primary goal is to finish the course. Here’s the status:

  • The headstay was replaced in 2014 with sleeved kevlar. The lashing was replaced in 2018. I’m unlikely to touch this, except if the lashing shows signs of deterioration.
  • The backstays and staysail stay were replaced in 2015 with sleeved kevlar. The starboard lower backstay was replaced late 2019.
  • The mast was unstepped and fully inspected in 2018.
  • The lateral rigging was replaced with dyform wire in 2018.
  • The bobstay was replaced in 2018.

Considering the above, I do not plan to replace anything. Of course, an inspection will be due before leaving. And I do realize that this leaves a lot to guessing.

Running rigging

Not everything was replaced but a good bunch was: gennaker halyard, spinnaker halyard, backstay sheets. So it will be a matter of monitoring quality and replace as necessary, including leaving with some spare.


The sail inventory is certainly not top-notch but I think solid and sufficient for what I want to do. I do not plan to buy new sails at this time, maybe a used solent. There may be a need to run a few sails through a few maintenance jobs.

  • Mainsails: there is a 2018 mainsail (it will need some minor repair on the batten chafe guards, which chafed through) and a 2007 well worn Dacron mainsail. I’m likely to keep the new mainsail in storage and practice with the old Dacron sail. There is also a trysail.
  • Jibs: all jibs are hank on. I’ll have to confirm but this is what I think I’m getting:
    • Jib #1: this is a 2018 sail of 47 sq mt. I’m unlikely to use this much, except maybe in the light air after Torres Strait in the Arafura and Timor seas. There is also a very old, tired and trashed laminated headsail of undefined future.
    • Jib #2: this is a 2018 sail of 39.6 sq mt, with one reef. This is likely going to be the workhorse of the trip, which means I need to protect it.
    • Staysail: this is an older Dacron staysail. Considering the comment above, this may very well become my workhorse.
    • Heavy weather: there is a small staysail and a storm jib.
  • Other headsails:
    • 2017 Masthead Assym Spinnaker 180 m2, with an inflatable sock; I would likely use this in reaching and downwind light air (anything below 10-15 kts); I’m sure it can handle more but that wouldn’t be sailing conservatively, would it?
    • 2009 Code 0 for light air upwind sailing;
    • 2007 Gennaker for reaching in medium air;
    • 2007 Fractional Assym Spinnaker of 135/115 m2 (reefable), with a hard sock; this is likely going to be the downwind workhorse. I’ll have to see how much of a speed loss hit I take if I use this in light air as well.

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