Time passes …

And nothing happens. I haven’t sailed in 3+ months. I do visit CaB to take care of things such as bailing water out, charging the batteries, spinning the hydrogenerators, starting the engine, going for a motor ride; I also get the hull cleaned every 6 weeks or so. What I am doing is working as a soccer referee, making pocket change to pay for berth fees and to purchase small bits. I am also still running the virtual attempt, where we’re on our way back from rounding Cape Horn. More about that here.

In 2020, around this time, I was sailing CaB up the West Coast from San Diego, opening up to the realization of a dream. Two years ago.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do next. Continue to work for another few years to continue to beef up retirement plans? Or stop working again and go for another attempt, the outcome of which is most likely to be the same (i.e. statistically something else will happen)? Finding a job after another long sabbatical will be very difficult. In a few years, our daughter goes to college. It’s a difficult time to make big changes like this. The status quo seems to be a wise choice but it also means living a dull life. What to do? How would I justify my choice to myself being on his death bed?

What matters more? Spend 8 months at sea isolated from everyone? Or build a retirement nest?

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Wannabe circumnavigator. http://pjsails.com/a-skipper-looking-for-adventure/

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