A good practice day

One of the tough things with a Class40 boat for me is that sail evolutions (changing sail) are hard work. It is one of the big obstacles to make a fast boat go fast. So I’m happy to report that yesterday was a busy day: mainsail up, staysail up, reefed spinnaker up, staysail down, spinnaker down, reef removed, spinnaker up, spinnaker down, staysail up, back upwind to HMB, another run downwind, staysail down, spinnaker up, spinnaker down, spinnaker up, spinnaker down, staysail up, one reef, two reefs, three reefs, shake one reef, staysail down, mainsail down. How’s that!

Sorry for the very poor audio.

I only saw one whale, no fishing boat, no crab pot, some weird signal, but ocean sunfishes are now the problem. There’s nothing I can do to avoid them. They show up at last minute. I had a large one hit the keel then the starboard rudder, and another one hit the port rudder, all while I was doing 9-10 kts under spinnaker. It can’t be a fun event for these guys. I’m sorry.

Stray currents

They eat away at my stuff!

The propeller’s zinc anode before and after a few months in the water.

And more

I’m hopeful that next week I’ll have the hydrogenerator brackets installed. Once these and the hydrogenerators are in place the plan is to venture a little further offshore and see how they perform.

That’s all for now … One last video for the road …

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