A slow day

Big plans, slow execution … I spent more hours than needed for what was done today. A few things were accomplished so here goes for a quick update.

Sat comms

I mounted the wall mount for the GoPro, and downloaded a larger GRIB file: it (still) works! I used PredictWind‘s Offshore app.

The Iridium GO! mounted.

Climbing up the mast

When I prepared for the 2018 SHTP I purchased lots of line and a 5:1 block and tackle system to go up Double Espresso’s mast. I had to lift my own weight all the way up, using weak biceps. I was not going to do this with Changabang’s 60 feet mast! So I splurged for proper equipment. After chatting with Etienne Giroire, the owner of ATN, Inc., I decided to purchase his mast climbing gear. I used it today to go to the second spreader. The quality is great, and the ease of use just the same. I was able to pull the gear out of the bag, read the instructions, and voila, I’m ascending! Maybe I’ll record this next time I go up because …

It’s showtime!

Ok, I’ve gone the modern way and bought a used GoPro for cheap. It’s a Hero5 Black, which is an upgrade from what I had with Double Espresso (the Hero5 Session). I took two videos with different mode today to see which one would work best. We think the second one is better. What do you think? On both I tried to move around the boat to get a sense of what things would look like.

Electron cornucopia

That is the promise of hydrogenerators, I suppose. For now, it’s really just a bunch of parts lying around at home. Thanks to the help of a few folks, we now have a design for the mounting brackets. Fabrication is next. On a side note, one of the hydrogenerators (the demo/used one from Watt & Sea) was damaged in transit. I hope it’s nothing but I think I will only know for sure when it’ll be spinning at 12 kts. The UPS claim was recently closed, and a payment is coming our way. So that’s kinda good news, maybe?

Today I poked at the electrical system, I mean, I barely scratched the surface. There are wires going everywhere! More time, much more time will need to be sunk into those wires, I’m afraid.

Water ballasts

As I was looking into the battery compartment, I was drawn into playing with the water ballasts. I tried to figure out how it works. It’s fairly straightforward so maybe I’ll give it a go next time.

Finally, I also did some minor cosmetic work (applying tape really).

And then drove back home …

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