There is one variable I completely ignored when I decided to turn around: myself. And all I had personally invested in time, emotion, money, and what I was going away from. So here I am, back to square 1, in a spiteful society, longing for the lonesomeness of the sea, angry at myself. I don’t think I’ll turn notifications on for this spot; it’s not worth spreading. But I guess I continue to feel down.

I’ve ripped the plumbing for the aft internal ballast system, trying to figure out a solution to resolve leaks. Other than that, I’m making zero progress. It’s not like I’m idling but nothing seems to move in the right direction. Maybe I should go sailing … forget this. And I will, as soon as I’ve re-secured the ballast plumbing, which is likely two weeks out.

I paid the WSSRC’s restart fee …

Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

2 thoughts on “Angry”

  1. You know, Philippe, maybe you ought to think about doing the Singlehanded TransPac in Changabang. You’d have a shot at breaking the monohull record, if it was a windy year. I mean, you’ve got all the gear for it, though you’ll need another spinnaker.

    1. Hey Alan … I’ll say … it’s unlikely to happen. I’m really focusing my money on this RTW attempt. To sail the SHTP again would at least represent 5 weeks of time off, plus $2,500, if not more. I wish you all the best in your attempt though! It’ll be a memorable experience.

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