Back solo’ing!

Most of my sailing, since I returned from 5 weeks solo at sea, had been double-handed. So I’m glad to say that the “curse” has been lifted and that on father’s day Changabang and I went sailing.

As I was out there I was reminded that I really like Changabang. It feels like I have a particular connection to her. As if she is my “boat mama”. I’ve referred to her as the whale in the past and it’s a bit how I feel when I’m at the bow, looking astern, and we’re sailing downwind. It’s just a good feeling all around.

One of the key reasons to get out was to test out CaB’s A2. As you recall, Big, as this sail is known, was in tatters and had gone in for surgery at Leading Edge Sails. It took Joe a full day to do the surgery. It was not an easy job considering how many panels had been torn apart. But the final result is good and I now have an A2 again. It was also an opportunity to try our brand new ATN sock.

I’m happy to report that all went very well and we’re ready for a downwind run anytime! I didn’t hear the rudder humming this time so I’m anxious to get there soon.

Big is back in action! Don’t mind my rambling in the audio 🙂

I’ve received the replacement parts for the broken tiller pilot oil pump and I will need to get dirty to fix that soon!


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not likely going to be able to invest in new spinnakers, just like I wasn’t able to the first time around. Recall that the new A6 was funded by an OCC grant award. But if I get $2,000 (the cost to me for the A6) in donation, I can buy the sock it requires. So, if you feel so inclined, please consider a donation here. What can I offer in return? Your name on the sail for anything above $100! Wouldn’t that be great?

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