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Another day in the bank! As I write this it looks like Changabang is over 2,400 NM from San Francisco, showing an average speed of 8 knots. It’s been going down per the recent events, which have led me to switch to cruising mode. With night upon us I have a reef in the mainsail and the genoa up. I took it easy today.


At this point we’re pretty much committed as to where we’ll cross the ITCZ. Unless something changes, I’m sticking to the current course, somewhat pointing to Kirimati Islands (Washington Island). Let’s hope some amount of wind will hold up. Regarding squall activity it’s been low. I saw none today. Nothing but beautiful skies. The wind does pick up here and there. The sea state is not comfortable. On the long range forecast it looks like very light wind once we start pointing to Torres Strait. That’s a wrap for our second Monday at sea! Brushing my teeth, turning off the wind, flattening the sea, and enjoying a sweet quiet night.

Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

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  1. And flossing your teeth, one hopes? We mustn’t forget the crucial details: sail trim, clean bottom, dental floss …

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