D-38, Anxiety level going up

I’m not where I wish I’d be by now. There are many things that are incomplete, each generating their own level uncertainty:

  • Boatyard update 1: the keel work was completed; the bottom paint is still in the works;
  • Boatyard update 2: it’s unclear when the port V1 shroud will be installed (cable has been identified, yeah!) as the fittings are still missing (no ETA); it is likely that CaB will stay next week at BMC too. Hence two weeks, turned into 4.
  • The Watt & Sea converters are still somewhere en route (no ETA), which leaves me with an untested setup;
  • The Pelagic auto-pilot is installed but untested; testing should happen during my trip back to Half Moon Bay;
  • The WSSRC black box was shipped through postal mail (despite my recommendation to use a carrier); hence it may not even arrive (no ETA);
  • The pharmacy kit is in the process of being delivered, a generous donation of Jackie;
  • The small spinnaker and sock are in the process of being manufactured;
  • I need to terminate my berthing agreement 30 days before I depart; that date is up in the air, what with all the “No ETA”s above;
  • I need to activate a satellite plan/SIM card;
  • I need to establish a fund for the meteorologist who will support me during my attempt;
  • Of course, I need to clean the boat, and then load up water, food, tools, spares, all the while keeping the interior somewhat livable, which is going to be a formidable task;
  • I need to get the second mainsail back inside CaB (see above);
  • I had a long talk with Bill Hatfield; Bill recently set the record for the westward solo non stop unassisted circumnavigation, in the less then 40 feet category. He was very helpful with information about the difficult passages I’ll have to go through. And as a result of our conversation, I’m also likely going to modify the course slightly (pending sanctioning by the WSSRC).

News on other fronts

Nick Maloney, of APSU.life and Vendee Globe fame, has offered to furbish me with multivitamins. I have used his products to good success, so I can recommend them for offshore sailors, who would most certainly resonate with their vision for the ocean!

The weather up here doesn’t feel like your usual San Francisco Bay. There have been a lot of southerly winds. I’m hopeful that will turn around as we get into October. The doldrums appear fairly wide at about 10°N, and the Pacific North trade winds light in the 10-15 kts range. On the other side of the doldrums the trade winds appear a little stronger. If this situation remains then it is possible that I’ll sail fairly close to Hawaii. There have been 2 Category 2 hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific (one of which would have crossed my path), and one Category 2. There has been no hurricane yet in the South West Indian Ocean (as is expected) but 3 in the North Indian Ocean. All is good then?

Pictures to close

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