D-46, blowing up $ like there’s no tomorrow

If bankers were still calling their customers, I’d probably be receiving a few phone calls. But we’re nothing now to financial monster corporations, which hold our money. So I can just hit submit and forget about it. Expenses have been accelerating these days: $4,000 for food, $2,400 for a registration, $2,500 for electricity generation, there’ll be the fat boatyard bill, and the usual tons of incidentals (tools, clothing, spares, stuff). This is where a sponsor would help … Or donations. It sounds like going back to work when I’ll be back is not going to be an option! As if it ever ever was … who am I kidding?

You hungry?

Is CaB big enough?

I just received most of the freeze dried food. And now the puzzle begins. I mean how will I stick all this in the boat, in a somewhat organized fashion? I can barely move in my office what with all the bags and cases lying around: JetBoil fuel cans, spare hydraulic oil, wipes, foul weather gear, clothing, spare rope, spare electronics, spare solar panels, not mentioning all the stuff that is already on the boat, nor the small/medium water containers. Things are spilling over into the garage and living room. It’s going to be interesting trying to stay organized! And there’s more coming: sport supplements from Hammer Nutrition, a small spinnaker.

You thirsty?

Speaking of sustenance

I have refrained from buying good stuff, you know, like candies, cookies, snack bars. I’m trying to reduce exposure to sugar. I’ll admit that I did get a lot of freeze dried deserts. But that’s only crème brûlée, chocolate cheesecake and mango sticky rice, all nice and slushy like freeze dried food is. So it’s sweet but not crunchy. Oh, and I should be getting freeze dried ice cram, courtesy of my friend Jackie!

Comfort food can be important in that it is a source of … comfort. So I’m not sure what I’ll do in the end. Snack bars are definitely going to be required; I just haven’t found the right ones yet.

I can’t wait to be back and have one of these!


If I get sick or hurt, I’d prefer to not have to bail out. So with the help of Jackie we’re putting together a pharmacy kit. I got the prescription meds yesterday (another $350 goes kaboom). I’m not sure how I’ll organize that either, nor if I’ll be smart enough to figure out what to use when.

In both my long distance trips, I experienced injuries. During the South Atlantic crossing, it was an eye scratch. And during the SHTP, I lost a tooth filling. So it is likely that something will happen. That said, let’s be positive, the doctor said I’m in good health!

Uh oh, not looking good sir!

What’s up at BMC?

The team at BMC has been busy finishing preparing the hull for paint, and improving the situation around the keel box to hull junction. There has also been conversations about replacing the port V1 shroud. If all goes well we should be splashing Changabang end of next week, with a brand new, super slick bottom. I look forward to seeing an improvement in boat speed!

That’s all for now! Oh no, one more thing, I converted all my old CDs to mp3 and dumped that on a flash drive. And I also downloaded a few guided meditations. No movies, no books, is it going to be a boring adventure?

Sanding deep to help prevent re-formation of the Catalina smile.

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