ETA delayed?

Unless a miracle happens, of which I have not seen any lately, we may not reach safe harbor until tomorrow. We were parked in no wind for the first 6 hours of 11/04, drifting backwards. Around 06:40, a little bit of wind from the NNW materialized, and we have been ghosting at 4 kts since then, making way North of our destination. It’s foggy, it’s drizzly, it’s cold, it’s slow … Time to have breakfast to lift up those spirits! So with this kind of wind (astern with no spinnaker, light) we may get close to the coast as the synoptic winds retreat early evening, and not having much fuel left, be bobbing around for the night just near by home. It’s been a difficult end to a difficult voyage. Glad we had dolphins with us for a while. .

Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

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