I made peace with the consequences

Tallying up the losses and damages incurred so far, in particular the uncertainties around the boom, which would lead me to downsize the mainsail, this boat’s main sail engine, I’ve decided it would be better, safer and hopefully more constructive, to turn around, go home. I’m pointing the bow a little East of Hawaii. If weather permits I’ll bend the course for San Francisco in a week or so. This means another passage through the doldrums, which appear wider this time around. At least now, being retired from the record attempt, I may use my engine. I don’t have much diesel though, and when we’ll motor we’ll be easy on the throttle. I’m not looking back over my shoulders. What is done, is done. Everything that happened was ultimately the consequence of an error on my part: had the sock downhaul lines too far forward, didn’t secure spinnaker sheet, didn’t replace the spinnaker sheet, didn’t stop hoisting the sock when it looked strange, didn’t replace spinnaker halyard, didn’t move spinnakers inside away from the rain, etc. The one that puzzles me is the boom. I’m not sure how that happened. Onward, I’ll be home for Christmas …

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25 thoughts on “I made peace with the consequences”

  1. parfois c’est plus courageux de rebrousser chemin. ca a été un plaisir de te suivre, et j’espère que tu refera une tentative, ou quelque chose de similaire, avec toute cette expérience en plus

  2. Sad to hear Philippe, but, considering all that happened I think your decision is wise. I hope you will try again soon. DG

  3. Following you all the time you are our inspiration and our hero both on you journey and your turn around! Bon Voyages and welcome home. Assaf

  4. 100% the right decision. The key to success and survival is knowing when to quit, even if you’re 99% of the way “up the mountain”. You’ll be able to take what you’ve learned from this attempt and apply it to a successful voyage around the world on your next attempt.

  5. Wise decision mon loup, the cracked boom is something so bad, you can’t really continue anyway, even without spinakers… you tried and that’s the most important and we are happy you are going back and will be with us for Xmas.

  6. You need to be safe, first and foremost. Safe sailing. Looking forward to hear about the adventure.

  7. You can be very proud for what you’ve achieved. You will learn from the challenges you’ve faced, learn and get back at it. I watched the tracker every day and was a bit jealous 🙂 Even if this is something I would never do. Get back safely to your family and start thinking of your next attempt.

  8. There are several ways to learn and among our many conversations, you took advantage of as many as possible prior to leaving. The final way to learn is experience, (don’t call it failure!) and you now have more experience. Good job. You made a decision that will save you money and time and possibly your life. Sounds like a quality decision.

    One of my favorite quotes:

    “Good judgement comes from experience.
    Experience comes from bad judgement.”
    Mark Twain

  9. Cette aventure t’as permis de te préparer pour mieux affronter la prochaine, qu’elle belle expérience et quel enrichissement !!! Stay safe out there…

  10. You’ve learned a lot, but pleeeeeease stop blaming yourself as this is a brave undertaking in the first place. Just to dream it shows more courage than most of us could fathom in a lifetime! Everything will help prepare you for a second attempt 🙂 And Christmas with the fam…who wants to miss that!!!!

  11. This is a tough decision, but pretty surely a wise one. Take it easy on the way home, so that boom makes it.

  12. Going back home is probably a safe decision and the opportunity to reflect on all the things you have learned from this attempt. It was not in vain and maybe just a temporary setback.
    Take care friend.

  13. You made it infinitely farther than I ever will. So inspirational. Looking forward to your next adventure!

  14. Hi Phil. Safe decision for you and yours. You have learned a lot it seems which is great in itself.

  15. Wise and brave, there is nothing better than a Christmas at home. Learning from mistakes is what make us even better human beings. Love, Paolo

  16. sometimes it takes more courage to renounce, it was a pleasure to follow you’r big adventure and i hope you will make another attempt with all this extra experience, thanks.

  17. Bon retour philippe 🙂 il fallait revenir … profites bien de ces jours en mer sans pression et à très bientôt alors . Bon vent !

  18. Salut Philippe,
    Comme l’expression dit “Reculer pour mieux sauter” ou “Prendre le vent”.
    Comme tu le dit dans to blog, tu as appris beaucoup de cet experience et tout cela sera que benefique quoi que tu fasses.
    Profites bien de ces jours en mer et a bientot.

  19. Hey man
    You grew with this…and you are already so tall, so brave 😍
    I can’t even be on an incline sail boat 🤣🤣
    You aim high, you fly solo, bravo 👏
    We were missing you too much anyway
    Hope to reflect with you and hug you soon
    You are awesome 😘😘

  20. Tu nous as fait rêver avec ton voyage autour du monde et tu as tout mis en action pour le mettre en œuvre. Quel exploit ! Ce n’est que partie remise et tu nous feras rêver encore.., Bon retour vers celles qui t’attendent.

  21. Ce que tu auras fait est déjà exceptionnel et incroyable ! Tu peux être fier de toi ! C’est une sacrée aventure intérieure aussi, j’en suis sûre.
    C’est beaucoup de maturité que d’avoir fait la paix avec ta décision. Avoir regardé les faits et pris les décisions adéquates pour ta sécurité aussi.
    Bon courage pour le retour. Rentre bien, sain et sauf.

  22. Tu à été courageux pour gérer toutes ces situations imprévisibles!
    Heureuse de savoir que tu vas retrouver t’as jolie famille.🎉
    Félicitations! Prends soins de toi!👏

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