Into our fourth week at sea

Thursday 22nd. We’re sailing upwind NNW in 6-10 kts of wind. For most of the day three birds were journeying along Changabang. I realized later in the afternoon why. Sometimes we go through a school of flying fish, which scatter in flight, only to perish at the beaks of the flying trio. In between hunts, they challenge each other at landing atop CaB’s mast, with no success so far (see pictures). There’s room up there as we lost the Windex windvane a few days ago. I’ve decided against stopping in Hawaii. There’s a good window to sail home. And I’m not excited at manoeuvering in unknown waters, or dealing with administration. Plus, it’ll make it that much more of a shakedown cruise to carry on straight to San Francisco. I like it here, which makes it that harder to swallow the abandon pill. In other news I didn’t troubleshoot the autopilot, as I didn’t want to stop progress nor cook under the sun (excuses!). I’m going to have to find another marina when I make landfall as Pillar Point Harbor is full for crab season (I had cancelled my lease before leaving in the hope of saving some dough). It was a slow day aboard Changabang, as I tentatively set my eyes on a re-do. Of course we need to fix or replace the boom, replace lost sails, harden the primary autopilot, replace a good bunch of running rigging, pay the hefty WSSRC fees, and a bunch of small other jobs. If you’re still watching, and are anxious for a re-start, please consider refloating our “cruising kitty” by visiting I know many of you were very generous, and I thank you very much. Every $ helps! $5 is a meal. $20 is the monthly bill for the tracker. $50 is a jerry can of diesel. $140 is the monthly bill for the satellite phone. $300 is the replacement parts for the autopilot. $600 is one spinnaker sock (need 3 of those). $1,500 is a spool of rope to replace worn out running rigging. $2,750 is a new spinnaker (need 3 of those). Anything helps! That’s all from this man. What will tomorrow bring? Fair winds and following seas?

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