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I don’t have much news this week. I did work on the website and updated this page that talks about what I call the human factor. I think it’s an interesting read.

If you’re reading this, one thing that’s pushing these Class40 boats outside my budget is the delivery fee. Most boats are at least 6,000 miles away. Shipping, trucking or sailing ends up being expensive, in the order of $30,000. If you know of someone who’d be interested in delivering (for a tiny fee or for free) a Class40 to San Francisco, or anywhere on the West Coast, even Hawai’i would work, let me know. Ports of departure could be France, UK, Adelaide (Australia), Hong Kong, Tenerife, etc. It’s not a cruise, far from it. These boats are as spartan as can be! I’ve been reaching to sailing buddies to see if anyone’s interested, with limited success so far.

Although the light at the end of the tunnel is not showing up yet I am trying to remain positive about the boat search.

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