Shakedown cruise, day 2

It’s almost 7am. After a long night spent tossing around in my”bed”, it was time for a morning chocolate croissant. Not quite the way I like them but it’ll do just fine out here. Maybe I should fit an oven? Warm cookies? Nah …

I’m back in my berth, writing this. Throughout the night the situation remained stable, which means we were sailing in 25-30+ kts, mostly going West, banging waves and with the occasional drenching of the cockpit. Around 2am I got out of my foulies and into my sleeping bag as I was getting a little cold.

A fish did land on deck, flapping madly to return to his element. So I got out to check on him. He wasn’t much successful so I helped him back in the water, getting sprayed myself in the process.

Seeing that we were bending our course a little North I eased 10 degrees off the wind, also hoping for a more comfortable ride. But it’s pretty much the same. Bang bang, drench, drench ..

It’s cloudy; it’s cold; it’s wet; I’ve seen nothing on AIS … Reminds me of the SHTP. Moving about inside requires care as it’d be easy to get knocked off!

I will have to think about organizing the living space so it’s easier to do day to day tasks. With that I’m back to waiting for my LongPac turnaround point at 126 40′ West. What I’ll do then I’m not sure yet. Tack and go North? Carry on to Hanalei?

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Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

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  1. Hanalei Bay is open now, but you’ll have to slow down in order to meet the 14 day quarantine, Philippe! Cliff should arrive a day or so before you, though, so look for Rainbow.

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