The dream is still alive

It looks like I’m overdue for an update. After my first attempt at sailing around Earth, I engaged in a flurry of activities of unloading and fixing Changabang. After that, well, I can honestly say that I went into hibernation mode. I didn’t sail for about 4 months. Maybe with spring, things are getting better: Changabang finally went out of her slip in Pillar Point Harbor for a few times lately. I have been sailing with fellow singlehander Todd, whose desire for more ocean sailing was a bit of a catalyst for my getting back on the water.

Some lessons learned, as usual

Nothing exceptional happened. We did get a chance to try out the older spinnaker (blown out) I inherited from Class 40 California Condor. It does fit CaB and somewhat feels more like a reaching spinnaker than Big, which went into repair last week. We also tried the Code 0 I inherited from California Condor, which proved a nice sail for 50-80 AWA. And finally, we popped out the very heavy Jib Top (also from Condor), which works well for 90-120 AWA. It’s certainly slower than a spinnaker but it’s a very sturdy sail on a furler, making its deployment and dousing easier.

What else is new?

Well, the list of things to fix and/or maintain is growing, of course. And, I am starting a new job next Monday, which is quite exciting! I think the new job is going to be a lot of fun and will help float up the budget.

I reflected recently that a lot of Class 40 attempts to circumnavigate non-stop often fail. But I am not aware of any re-start. It looks like the time and budget investment is too much for most to re-start their attempt. I sincerely hope that I won’t fall in the same category.

That’s all for now.

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