Trade winds sailing

A new chapter was opened yesterday as we began trade wind sailing in earnest. This is mostly new for me so we’re going to have to learn! I guess my main concern is finding myself in too much wind with “Big” up. For now, wind is light and the sun is rising up. In the service and maintenance department, we don’t have much to report, besides the repair discussed in the previous blog post. This morning I saw the port twing block flying loose on the twing sheet. I thought it had broken but nope, just the pin screw had come undone. Lucky for me all parts were still right there on deck for me to pick up! Now I did notice carbon dust by the gooseneck, probably because of all the mainsail banging in light air. I rigged a boom preventer, that should help reduce this. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Judging by the color of the mast boot cover (blackish) this has been going on for a while.

First week opening

Joƫlle and Luna put letters and presents together for me to open at sea, as seems to be a tradition for long solo passages. Her well written heart warming first letter was just the kicker I needed as we enter this new chapter. And the pictures were beautiful too! All good aboard.

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