What else happened today?

We continued to sail close hauled or 10 degrees off that, just the same as this morning. Considering the forecast I had rigged the gennaker, but it’s no use. The full mainsail went up. When the wind is light it’s best to have it on the nose, so all things considered, this was great! We had a close encounter with a large whale. I looked behind me, and there she was less than 25 yards away. I think she only came to check Changabang out, as as soon as she hit our wake, she made a 90 degrees turn away from us. We had another dolphins visit, for which I popped the GoPro in the water but doubt the picture I extracted will look great. To celebrate their visit I did a bit of dancing to Bauhaus tunes. And then the port rudder draped itself with a good old floating kelp tube, about 12 feet long. The days are slow, a bit boring, and, did I say cold? As I prepared dinner, night fell, bringing with her a backing of the wind of 30 degrees. So I finished dinner, and unfurled the gennaker, folded the genoa, hoping this will stick for the night. Wind is light so progress is not particularly fast, at 5+ kts. Dolphins showed up again for a short visit, leaving whitish trails in their wake. The sea is friendly now, quasi flat, which means no more banging or shaking in CaB! Happy about that! Planning for landfall I prepared a pile of clean clothes. What to do now? Listening to Ry Cooder’s “Ch├ívez Ravine” album, and then sleep?

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  1. Philippe, are you still planning to make landfall at Pillar Point? Can you post a pic of the crack in the boom? Or just say how does it look now. Only saw the one pic of that back when you first discovered it.

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