And we’re back!

My trip to France was not as successful as I had hoped. The big plan was to get in with the NavTec cables, drop them at the rigger, pick them up on my way back to the airport, and fly back with them. Well, it was a tight plan and it didn’t work. Don’t fret, they were shipped back, and I got them yesterday after a few hooplas with the customs clearance. And here’s the box after a long trip!

Important stuff!

Today, with Alex, we put it all back together. As discussed in the previous post, I replaced the chainplate fitting and this will work much better for at least two reasons: one, there isn’t room for chafe; second, if there is chafe it will be visible! As previously, getting enough tension in the headstay took a couple of tries. And I think we may still want it tighter than it is now.

New headstay fitting!

Unless I’m getting taxed for import, the cost will have been less than $5,000 (not including my trip to France) to replace the headstay, the inner headstay, the 2 upper backstays.

There are still quite a few things to do to get ready for the PacCup event so more to come!

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