A few updates

So we did re-install the Kevlar cables but … the headstay is not tight enough and there is too much tension in the V1 (Alex got a Loos gauge!). So we’ll have to re-do the headstay lashing. Oh, oh, and Alex put the down payment for a new A2 and a new (fancy) jib!

In the small updates category, I replaced the three 12V sockets. This is both preventive maintenance (corrosion possibly damaging these) and an upgrade (replacing two of the cigarette lighter sockets with USB plugs).

New USB chargers

I also ventured into diesel engine maintenance today, which proved to be quite hellish. I purchased the parts to replace the oil filter, fuel filter, pre-filter fuel insert, and impeller. I also purchased an oil extractor. So today I proceeded to extract the oil with what proved to be more a toy than a tool. It took almost two hours. Then I tried to twist off the oil filter but it wouldn’t budge. To make a long story short it took three trips to the Nappa store downtown Half Moon Bay to get the right tool (and with traffic, each trip was about 45-60 minutes long). Ultimately, I got the oil filter off and a new one in. So I think that job is done pending leak monitoring over the next few engine runs. So that’s 1 of 5 jobs and it took me 7 hours. At this rate … What’s left is 2 filters, the impeller, and a coolant topping or flushing.

With the filter off.

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