More engine work

After the lubrication system, I focused on the fueling system. I replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pre-filter insert today. Next, I’ll have to care for the cooling system, the seawater pump, and the seawater filter.

Yesterday I spent some time in the navigation table removing a few old items and cables. It looks a little tidier in there but it’s still a messy bundle of cables. I also removed the old satellite terminal.

Today with Alex we also started sorting out the liferaft situation. The access door was well shut so we had to cut through the seal and we’ll have to get that repaired. I think we have a good solution now (which was there all along):

  1. Open the aft access door to the liferaft compartment;
  2. Pull the liferaft out and let it drop into the water;
  3. Pull the painter to a cleat if necessary;
  4. When ready to board, proceed.

Last, we cleared out a few last hurdles for the safety list of the PacCup and identified what needs to be done. One thing that’s amazing with these events is the number of small things that need to be thought through. It all adds up. Most importantly these things need to be tested at sea. There are still plenty of big things to go through for sure, for example:

  • Film a crew overboard recovery sessions.
  • Devise an alternative method of steering (drogue?) and test it upwind and downwind.
  • Figure out our sail crossover chart.

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