And …. more engine work!

Pfew, on Double Espresso, with the old outboard, there was no maintenance that I did. But Changabang’s diesel engine is more demanding. It’s also essential as without it I can’t imagine myself getting out of and into my slip (as I could with Double Espresso). So today I took a day off work to make more progress and:

  • Clean the seawater strainer.
  • Replace the seawater pump impeller. When inspected the old one had a couple of small cracks.
Seawater pump, impeller cavity

After I placed orders for oil and coolant: next are the oil change on the sail drive and the coolant flush.

I also replaced one of the two fire extinguishers. The show must go on … The thing that most preoccupies me with the PacCup race is getting to the start line and not being 100% ready. I don’t mean from a sailing skills perspective )as that can always be improved) but from a boat systems perspective.

I explored a couple of other items too:

  1. The purchase system to pull down the hydrogenerators: I flipped it and now I can reuse an existing cam cleat instead of installing another one. I also extended one of the lines, which was too short and always a mess to hook to the purchase/tackle. I put anti-chafe tape where the line may be chafing.
  2. I explored a new solution to lead the backstay control line to the cabin top winch. It’s pretty straightforward with a line from a toe rail pad eye with a low friction ring deflecting the backstay control line to the winch. I don’t think that winch can take a lot of load but it’s certainly a start.

Moving on …

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