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Today I re-installed the secondary autopilot. First, it was the usual struggle to secure the eight bolts. Next, it was a matter of making the electrical connections, which was followed by a quick test using the B&G electronics. Finally, I put a bit of sealant around the boot where the rod exits to brave the elements. I will need to do a final sea trial to confirm that all is good when the sealant has cured.

I took a few measurements and will need to do more so I can submit the request for a new PHRF certificate.

Finally, I scrubbed the waterline and the rudders clean of the green growth that’s so quick to show off in this marina. I noticed barnacles on the propeller blades, where Propspeed was supposed to keep growth away. I also checked (touch as visibility isn’t great) the hull to keel joint repair we did last August and that seems to be holding up nicely I think.

Friday I dropped Genny the gennaker at Leading Edge Sails. As I wrote last time I’m really concerned that a lot of my sails are growing old. I’m very reluctant to put more money into sails … Considering what’s I’m trying to do it’s more important that I but spare requirement equipment for the electronics, autopilots, and hydrogenerators.

I’m back into reading sailing stories to feed the dream.

Sailing inventory

  • Mainsails:
    • The “original” Dacron, old and great for what I’m doing, until it blows apart.
    • The racer: new in 2018, almost $20,000, it’s in the attic, away from abuse I hope. It’s my spare.
  • Headsails, hank on (soft shackles):
    • J2: racing sail, new in 2018, $9,000. Used everytime I go out as I don’t have a backup, always on deck in her bag.
    • Staysail: the original Dacron, always on deck in her bag.
    • Spinnaker staysail: personally I’ve never used it. I don’t know its history.
  • Furling sails:
    • Code 0: fractional halyard, small and old, for deeper angles.
    • Code 0: masthead halyard, blown out hand me down from California Condor.
    • Jib top: masthead halyard, in good condition, hand me down too.
    • Gennaker: I’m guessing 10-15 years old, still works though. In repair.
  • Spinnakers, asymmetrical:
    • A2: old, severely damaged and then repaired, nice new ATN sock.
    • A1.5: old, blown out, lots of repairs, old sock.
  • Storm sails: trysail, small storm job, large storm jib.

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