Back from the yard

And voilĂ , Changabang is back from the yard with a new red bottom paint. It’s rolled on so possibly slower than the previously sprayed on. Hopefully, this Pettit Trinidad HD paint will last a little longer. I started out of Richmond under engine as the forecast called for very light winds. Certainly coming out of SF it was mostly on the nose. After a few hours, we were out of the Bay and headed South. Surprise! The wind was good in the 8-12 range and coming from about 60-70 TWA. I took me a while to get out of my motoring stupor but I hooked up the sails, hoisted them, and was happy to see us doing close to 9 kts or more! Oh, do I love the sound of Changabang planing!

Sadly, we hit a mola mola again. I looked back and it didn’t seem very happy. Being hit at 9 kts gotta hurt! There were whales but they (and I managed) to stay out of trouble. Getting close to Pillar Point, the wind died down and we motored for the last leg.

Ready to be splashed again!

While the boat was on the dry, I worked on shortening the mid-bowsprit tack to gain one inch or more of luff. I’ve also started replacing the control lines for the jib car (truly a plain low friction ring). Back home, I received the replacement ball bearing for the NKE anemometer. So I’m working to fix that. I purchased 7mm Dyneema line to replace the 6mm. I changed brand for stronger strength so even though I’ll reduce the number of lashing loops (21 to 12), I will gain a 20% safety factor. 12 loops should allow better positioning of the lashing loops on the bow fitting than the 21 loops. And that’s all for now.

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