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I had the best intentions of leaving with the boat. The plan seemed aggressive but doable. Things turned out differently. I’m sure for the better. So what happened?

The owner is taking this transaction very seriously. He understands what I’m setting out to do and he intends to leave me with a solid boat. We ended up sleeping together at the same AirBnb I had rented for Friday night. The owner of the dry storage marina where the boat resides is also very helpful in helping close the transaction. We have lunched multiple times together. This sales transaction is certainly the most intense they have seen in a while, and it’s probably all because of my own doing, what with my overly analytical approach, which somehow doesn’t fit with the French way. I need to let go and trust more, which I ended up doing by returning the sales contract signed. It’s now on its way to the seller for countersignature, then funds will be transferred and titles processed.

I don’t like to name people without their agreement; so, from right to left, an experienced local racer, a circumnavigator, a serial entrepreneur, and a dreamer.

Further Inspection revealed that the starboard lower backstay sleeve cut had also pulled the threads and weakened it. So the owner is graciously replacing it. We didn’t test sail nor test engine. Instead, the owner requested a maintenance by Volvo Penta technicians, the report of which should be forthcoming.

Playing with the autopilot uncovered issues with the primary L&S drive motor. Apparently that thing failed twice now. Again, the owner is requesting service from his NKE contact. The rest of the electronics was tested to the extent that they came on and displayed relevant info.

We did have an opportunity to hoist the mainsail and the solent, which was good. The old mainsail is now in the boat; it’s dacron and for the most part it looks ok (the leech cord needs fixing). I’m being told it’s very bellied so there’s that. I do plan to use the old sails while I learn the boat, just like I did with Double Espresso.

The keel repair was finished. In the end it was all cosmetics (sanding, fairing, primer), which is good. We did find a way to insure the boat. Shipping the boat will have to wait for January as the December ship didn’t allow mast up.

I had hoped to organize a dinner with the folks who worked on the boat but that was not to be. The architect Francois Lucas did come to see the boat, which was wonderful.

A random church on my way to picking up morning croissants.

Before returning home I was able to meet with my mother, an uncle and an aunt. A bit of family time was good! I came back with an old laptop with Adrena and its USB dongle, a load of manuals and a high fever, which took a few days to subside.

Everything is falling into place. Slowly … So what’s next?

  • Complete the sales transaction;
  • Firm up shipping arrangements;
  • Figure out how to get the boat and cradle to Antwerp;
  • Decide what to do when she arrives in the US (a bottom job will be needed);
  • Maybe at some point … go sailing?

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