Making landfall

70 fee above ground

No, I didn’t fall. I just thought that post title jived well with the above picture.

After flying to Paris Orly, taking the bus to Masssy TGV train station, the TGV to Nantes, the RER to St Nazaire, sleeping in cheap Airbnb, I hitchhiked on the seller’s broker ride to make it to the boat again. Yeah! I took several hours on the plane to go through pictures and start inventorying what I knew of.

Things are going well with the inspection. Temperatures have dipped in the past week. When I climbed on deck there were streams of water that had frozen, which made walking about treacherous. I thought about some of the stories I read of skippers stuck in freezing temperatures: respect!

I went through the standing and running rigging (without operating it I would say everything checks except for: staysail halyard chafe, textile backstays sleeve cuts), did a boat tour again (radar plate not really gimballed, one lifeline’s attachment replaced with lashings), checked the keel repair (not satisfactory to my taste), inventoried everything I could see, poked at the sails (some new, some newish, some old, some good for trash).

Tomorrow I plan to check a few loose ends, spend time with the electrical/electronics.

Don’t let that phone down!

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Wannabe circumnavigator.

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  1. hello Philippe un petit mot pour te donner du courage et d’informer d’aller sur messenger voir ma note bisous Maman

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