Big decision

Before end of December I need to decide if I want to pay the restart fee for the WSSRC record attempt. What do you think I should do? It’s about $1,000. Remember you can support my efforts here. Happy holidays!

Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

4 thoughts on “Big decision”

  1. I’ll defer to Joelle. But IMHO, compared with all the rest of the money you need to invest to get the boat in shape, this seems trivial. And you know that you’ll be trying to race against the clock regardless. 🙂

    1. If you pay the $1,000, what is the WSSRC window allowed for a new departure ? And is that realistic weather wise?

  2. It’s an option you’re buying. If you don’t pay the fee, you can’t redo the race. If you do, you get to decide whether you want to. I’d pay it.

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