What’s going on?

Small boat projects, that’s what. And applying for jobs like a mad man.

The immersion/lifting system for the hydrogenerators was sub-optimal in that it was monopolizing a winch. I changed that.

The primary autopilot hydraulics failure has been identified: the electric motor (which pushes oil in/out of the tiller actuator) is toast. I’m waiting for a diagnostic on whether a new motor or just brushes will fix things up.

If you recall, the screws that were securing the starboard tiller to the shaft were corroded solid. I took the tiller off, and varnished it a bit. I’ve re-drilled holes to fasten it properly, with plastic sleeves to reduce steel to aluminum corrosion.

I’ve installed a new windvane. I also raised a support request with Davis Instruments, which was honored. So 5 stars to these guys for customer service!

I’ve cut a new spinnaker sheet from my spool of rope. I’ve removed the funnel extension, which had fallen in the fuel tank intake hose!

The list is still long, as usual on a boat, as things progres slowly. And tomorrow I’m picking up the repaired boom! We just maybe able to sail again soon …

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