Bull’s eye!

I’m right smack in the middle of the North Pacific high pressure system, which means very little wind; and what we have is from whence I’m trying to go to. We’ve been motoring since this early morning. I took the opportunity to execute a replacement surgery on the leaking hydrogenerator. It’s 14:20, and I still have to do the wiring. All the “mechanical” part is done: remove hydrogenerator from stern bracket, cut off wiring, run wire all the way through small conduits, disassemble hydrogenerator, locate spare generator, re-assemble hydrogenerator, replace hydrogenerator on stern bracket, re-run the wires. I have two splices of a 3-plex wire to do now. I won’t have enough fuel to punch through, I don’t think. So we’ll be bobbing around for a while. Maybe go for a swim?!?

Author: Skipper

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  1. BE SURE to leave yourself a couple of gallons for the last 100 miles! It can get quiet along the coast, for days at a time in November and you don’t want to be non-moveable in the shipping lanes!

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