Is anything going on with CaB & PJ?

Not much. I’ve been doing small jobs such as replacing electric tapes with Rubberweld, tensioning lifelines and re-doing the netting, fixing the headboard cars’ linking pin, replacing blocks with low friction rings, and replacing some control lines. I’ve also purchased a replacement fixed mount VHF as the shielding for the fist microphone’s cable of the old one is coming apart. I’m hoping to install the new one next weekend or soon. I’ve purchased replacement parts for some of the clutches and will look into installing that here soon.

I’ve gone sailing a couple of times, to check that some of the changes I did are working, but no racing or anything like that. With summer coming I’m hoping to be able to dedicate more time to sailing.

That’s all for now.

Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

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