Lazy days

I didn’t go sailing this weekend. Shame on me! In fact, I’ve not been exercising at all for several months now. Still, a few things happened this past week. A diver cleaned Changabang’s bottom and inspected the zinc anodes, which are both in a good state. The diver reported scuff marks on the keel edge and the rudder. Joe repaired the small tear in the Flying Fish spinnaker. I acquired a bilge pump, which apparently is now required by the Class40, as well as 50 feet of hose. It could come in handy if I suffer a hull breach.

I did visit CaB today and inspected the blocks and lashings. Everything seems to be holding up. Speaking of lashings, Saturday, I spliced 4 low friction rings, just for the fun of it. I’m not sure yet how I’ll use them but it was gratifying work.

Splicing Dyneema loops to low friction rings.


We signed up for a two days/two legs race for 8/28-29. At the end of the first leg, we’ll have to anchor in Drakes Bay, about 22 NM North West of the Golden Gate Bridge. I haven’t anchored with CaB and I’m concerned about the process of dropping and weighing anchor, not to mention dragging it. The type of anchors aboard CaB doesn’t have a great reputation. If we are to anchor from the bow, as is usually done, we would have to figure out a way to protect the bobstay. Rigging the rode to make sure it doesn’t get stuck on anything is also going to be of concern. I don’t have a good solution to rig a snubber line either. I hope the conditions will be friendly. If it blows hard I may prefer going offshore and heave to. Time will tell …

PJ out.

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