Look ma’!

A surprise!

The flying fish is flying again! Last Friday our new to us spinnaker arrived. With southerly winds Saturday it was time to try the sail on CaB. The sail has been lightly used and it’s in an ATN sock with a hard bell. I also received sheets and an ATN tacker, which I haven’t tried yet. It was fairly easy to set things up and fly the sail. I didn’t fly it from the tip of the bowsprit, but about two-thirds out. I’ll have to try the end of the bowsprit and then also the tacker. The sail was setting nicely and, at 125 square meters or so, it pulled CaB gently. This sail is much more comfortable to fly. The only negative is that it’s only 0.75 oz. Nylite cloth, which means that 15 kts apparent wind is probably the most we can fly the sail in.

Sweet looking 🙂

I finally tried using a snatch block at the bow to lead the sock dousing line back to the cockpit. It was so easy to get the sock up or down while controlling the sheet!

Leading Edge Sails again

I keep visiting Joe these days! There was a small scratch on the spinnaker, which he’ll help repair. But mostly, our fancy $10,000 2018 jib is already in pain. I’ve had to take it in for repairs twice already. This time it’s more serious: the leech tape has worn out and cut through the laminate in multiple places. A difficult surgery is required to replace the leech edge. Next weekend I’ll try the old jib I got from California Condor.

I’ve been advised that a well used 3Di jib from Spray is available in Los Angeles. So I may consider another trip South.

I have no other news other than we hit something again last Saturday …

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