Time goes by …

And work life is slowly draining me. The pain of having to end my circumnavigation attempt came mostly from the fact that I just didn’t want to be back on land. And here I am, slaving away … Every time I go sailing, what makes me go is the desire to “leave”.

Let’s try to keep a positive outlook. I have a plan, a boat and still some funds to give this another go. Until then, it’s more practice and preparation. In fact, with Alex, we signed up for a local “ocean” race in 4 weeks. So yesterday we went sailing to practice tacking and sail changes. It was a day of light wind from the South. I was able to confirm that the B&G AP seems to be good to go. We pulled a few tacks to figure out a sequence that works.

We unfurled Genny to check the repair. I confirmed that there are black spots on the sail now. When I returned last November I didn’t dry that sail and it staid wet for 8 months. We hoisted Big, the A2. It’s still the same story, we’re slow. It was strange to sail downwind against the swell.

We tried to fly the solent and the staysail together, without much success. But it’s been nice to see Alex make good progress and getting familiar with the boat.

Looking at the future

It only takes a couple of weeks for the rudders and waterline to turn green again. It’s time for a good bottom scrub!

The deal is done: we’re going to fly the flying fish again. It was both a foolish/vanity purchase (the sail isn’t really a great fit) but also a smart move (the sock is great). All combined I think this will turn out to be a good addition to CaB. That’ll be our third spinnaker. I’d like a fourth one of 1.5 oz cloth now.

There may be an opportunity for a used jib in Los Angeles, so it’ll be another long drive. In fact, since my life raft is due for service and the Plastimo service station is in LA too, there’ll be three long drives in my future. 🙄

I finished reading “Journey of a hope merchant” by Neal Petersen. His experience going against the “well to do white man” reminded me of “Maiden voyage”. Oh, how man is vile. I’m reading “Moxie” now and I’m very much intrigued by trimarans, and their speed potential! Maybe in a very distant future.

Looking at the future, Changabang is still on a cruising permit, which will expire in spring next year. At that point I’ll have to sail out of the US for two weeks. It seems reasonable to think that I’ll sail to Ensenada for a new bottom paint.

Side note: there are over 50 Class 40 boats registered for the Transat Jacques Vabre 2021! That’s one healthy class! Buying CaB almost feels like an investment … not.

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