Let there be light

Today, I spent 90+ minutes hanging off the mast finishing the installation of the masthead light. I’m not excited about having a crimp-on splice out in the element; let’s hope it will be sufficiently watertight. We also have a temporary solution to the anchor light, which is battery-powered and can be hoisted on a halyard.

After that and saying goodbye to Alex, I went out for some sailing. The wind hovered around 10 kts. I am always amazed at how much this boat loves power-reaching. Even with just the main and jib up we were powering at 9+ kts. I tightened up the wind angle and sailed out for 4-5 miles. Then I flipped around and hoisted the Flying Fish spinnaker. The more I use this sail the more I like it. It was again really happy as a reaching spinnaker and we were able to hit speeds greater than 9 kts. The key concern with this sail is that it’s 0.75 oz density cloth and I need to not push it or it will lose its shape.

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