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Plans don’t turn out as they are supposed to. One finding of the rigging inspection was that the electrical wiring to the masthead light (used when motoring) was chafed through. I wanted to replace the wire and get the light to work again. Unfortunately, that wire was so corroded that it snapped and fell back into the mast.

Chafed wire

From there, a new adventure in boat projects started. The wire was coming out of the mast through a hole used by the thick radar cable. I didn’t think another wire would go through so I decided to drill another hole. After that, it was a long uphill battle to try to get the wire through. After many attempts, I finally got a reeving line (Dyneema twine with a bit of weight) through.

A reeving line

Next, I wiggled a new electrical wire through and used the reeving line to get it to come down to the mast foot. I went up the mast countless times in this process but finally got to a good place, where we can now install a new line and power it up, which is a project for next weekend. Boat projects never stop to amaze me how they take unexpected turns. This all started with “Let’s just check the bulb”. The insides of the lamp were so corroded that the wires just came off with a gentle pull.

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