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Don’t they ever turn out as we want them to? A lack of wind caused the cancellation of our weekend trip. Instead, we’re doing bits of work. Alex hoisted me up the mast again and I looked at the standing rigging and the mast. I took plenty of pictures here. I can’t say that it’s all perfect but aside from the upper headstay fitting, everything seems ok. I also took the opportunity to check under the bungee cords connecting the backstay to each other. And there too everything looked good.

Finally, last week we tried the B&G auto-pilot and for some reason it started steering the wrong way again, like it did then. So I swapped the wiring again, and that resolved it. I replaced the battery in the NKE crew remote and we’ll need to re-pair it to the boat.

The crew remote for the NKE system

And finally, I replaced the dog bone for the staysail. Speaking of which, we finally tried the staysail with the A2 up, and that was a lot of fun! See video in the gallery below:

A few nice videos here.

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