Mid-summer update

The Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables race was another good example of how the newer Class40s perform. The first leg showed the first generation boat within 4 hours of the newer designs, over 5.5 days. The wind was behind and there was a big patch of light wind toward the end. The second leg was mostly reaching and, over 5 days, the newer designs put one day over the older ones. I was watching the two Akilaria RC1 that are for sale. One finished 8th overall, with the other finishing 12th.

Over the past month a few more boats came up for sale from the brokerage of Owen & Clarke. The boat in Hong-Kong is under offer. I did not see any price reduction for the other boats.

Other than the above there’s not much to report. My wife and I saw the Maiden documentary. Although I’ve been thinking about my RTW project for a while, this documentary reminded me that I have this in me. Tears welled up a few times during the movie.

In a RTW trip, there are many unknowns and the non negligible possibility of hardships, injury and maybe worse. Overcoming that anxiety is still a work in process. A couple days ago I felt that maybe I was getting closer to being “ready inside”. It was not a feeling of confidence, more one of being at peace with the risks, the uncertainty.

A boat will come along … And we will sail out … and back.

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2 thoughts on “Mid-summer update”

  1. Wait a minute! My understanding is that a well known local boat builder has told you that he will help you “get to the start”! And he has a yard, too! This is no small thing. This is a BIG thing!

    1. True! That’s a great encouragement, for which I’m very grateful. Thanks for your help in getting us there.
      I feel like I’m moving into the “cautiously optimistic” zone.

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