Morning update

I ended yesterday’s post asking what tomorrow would bring. And I had my answer round midnight: the wind picked up! We’re down to third reef and genoa. My instruments showed 23-26 kts at a true wind angle of just shy of 90°. So the sea state has been building accordingly. We’re going up and down, getting spalshed a good amount. Delightfully, we’re not banging as the sea is mostly to our starboard beam, but it’s still a wild ride, and sleep didn’t come. As of late morning, the wind dropped a few knots. However, forecasts tell me that this will carry on for a few days. The obvious side benefit is that we’re making good progress! It’s unclear what things will look like in a week or so: we may find ourselves in a large wind hole … From feast to famine, as is often the case. The trio split up during the night, leaving me with a hitchhiker! And when he departed this morning, he left his characteristic two tone signature on the deck! I tried a picture of the night sky. Yeah that’s the moon, it didn’t come out too great. All good aboard as I lie down in the shaker.

Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

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