Quick updates

I’ve scheduled the haul out of Changabang for mid August. She’ll get a new bottom paint, and we’ll have a closer look at the keel. Once that’s done, I’ll know for sure if leaving this year will be ok.

In addition, I’ve confirmed the start/finish line with the WSSRC, should I sign up for a record attempt (foolish, ain’t it?!?). It’s almost as simple as “pass under the Golden Gate bridge”.

I’ve looked at possible start dates as well. I’m thinking of sailing into San Francisco Bay on Friday 10/16 (probably staying at South Beach Harbor, unless I get an offer from another marina with enough depth), and depart Sunday 10/18 after an early lunch, benefiting from an ebb tide. Of course this is all weather dependent. I may also move everything up by one day and depart on Saturday.

This past week has seen light winds off the Coast but things should lively up again Monday. I’m planning for another shakedown cruise leaving tomorrow then. The brand new Watt & Sea hydrogenerator had to be shipped back to France as the seal failed (and there may be more to this too).

I’ve been testing, as you may have seen, posting to the blog via email. I think I have a good solution now. We’ll see.

That’s all for now. All the best.

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