Scare fest

Maybe I’m repeating myself, but in the final analysis, the element that got me over the barrel, and decide to come back home, was financial in nature. I had read enough stories of people with damaged boats in remote area to know that any serious repair would be prohibitively expensive. That’s not something I could afford, so back home we went.
Here’s the job list that I’ve tallied so far, with a guestimate of the cost.

Job list

Possibly: $16,550 – $34,050
Priority 0 – $7,400-$20,400 Pay boatyard invoice: $4,400 Repair/replace boom: wild card $2,000-$15,000? Assess and address gooseneck wear: $1,000
Priority 1: $1,000, but depends on findings Diagnose & repair primary AP; L&S repair kit: $500 Diagnose & repair secondary AP: $500 Repair port hydrogenerator: $0? Remove funnel extension that fell into fuel intake refill hose: $0
Priority 2 – $3,000 Improve watertightness of AP lazarettes: $50 Tiller attachment to shaft (corroded bolts): $50 Replace windex windvane: $150 Replace port twing becket block: $100 Improve hydrogenerator locking mechanism: 2 blocks, 2 cam cleats, $400 Replace mainsail halyard: 200 feet, a third of the spool I have, i.e. $750 Repair mainsail top batten pocket: $100 Repair genoa and genoa halyard chafe damage: $100 Decide for or against WSSRC restart fees (before 12/31/2020): $1,300
Priority 3 – $2,050 Assess mast boot, port holes leaks: $150 Engine maintenance: $250 Sort out sail inventory (no need for dead weight): $0 Assess options to better (more easily move) distribute weight: $0 Possibly repair big spinnaker, or swap with spare, if it fits: $250 Acquire new spinnaker sheet: 100 feet? $400 Consider a fourth AP (second Pelagic?) $1,000
Priority 4: $3,100-$7,600 Assess options to replace lost spinnakers: $1,500-$6,000 Nav table seat cushion: $50 Cushioning bunks: $50 Rig masthead messenger line: $0 Backup AIS: $150 NKE display inside: old phone with app: $150 Assess options for used Dacron solent: $1000 Need better spinnaker repair kit: $100 Packing grease, engine oil/coolant: $100
Optional but certainly recommended (not included in total) Full refit of all 3 hydraulic tiller drives: $2,000 Install B&G windvane to allow for wind mode: $500 Replace B&G with newer system: too much to show here .

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