Two windows

Which one are you like? An opening to a blue sky? Or a blinding sun?

A story

What makes one want to take to the high seas? Or the high peaks? Or the deserted voids? Or the impenetrable forests? Or the ultimate destination, space? I don’t know. I can’t tell why I wanted to sail round Earth. In my case, there’s nothing to discover, nothing to prove. It has been done many times over by great explorers, trail blazers, men and women made of sterner stuff than I. Make it solo, non stop, unassisted, Westward, a couple Equator crossing, and you can count these accomplishments on one hand, maybe two. I only know of 3. What I do recall is my first time sailing solo aboard a 25 feet sloop, leaving San Francisco South Bay, passing under the San Mateo Bridge, seeing San Francisco on the horizon, and thinking: that’d be quite an adventure, you know, carrying on, past the Golden Gate and on. And on. But it was already late, and the chartered sloop was expected in the Redwood City marina before sunset. From that point on, I think I sought to acquire offshore experience, all with the hope to do what I did on 10/01/2020. In a week or so, I’ll have sailed over 6,000 miles in 5 weeks, enjoying a quick emotional rush when I slipped under the Golden Gate Bridge, making 200 miles days, dodging a major hurricane, skimming through the doldrums twice, sailing upwind for almost three weeks, and much more. What to do with this newly acquired experience? .

Author: Skipper

Wannabe circumnavigator.

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  1. Sounds like sailing is challenging enough, why not just sail unencumbered by restrictions, and make it more of an enjoyable trip using the conveniences at your disposal?

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