Small jobs, making dough, no sailing

The above pretty much summarizes what’s been going on with Changabang. We’ve been going through a few small boat jobs:

  • Shortened mainsail outhaul as the bowline chafe cover was 30 % chafed through in one spot.
  • Navigation lights replacement:
    • Refit stern nav lights brackets
    • Installed new LED stern nav lights
    • Wired starboard and stern nav lights (need to do port + re-install foam)
  • Replaced traveler Ronstan cam cleat (x 2)
  • Replaced lower backstay Dyneema loop (x 2)
  • Replaced cam cleat for inner jib car control line (x 2)
The old traveler cam cleats

The soccer season is back in swing with tournaments so I’m back on the pitch refereeing games to put a bit of money in the cruising kitty. As a result, Changabang’s sails have not seen the sun in a while now. I’ll say that I also injured my shoulder doing work in cramped spaces.

I had a good conversation with Atelier Cables in France about the standing rigging, in particular, the sleeved Kevlar stays (head, inner, back upper x 2, back lower x 2).

Next, I’m hoping for my shoulder to feel better so that we can go sailing next weekend. I have plans to install more cam cleats to offer better management of the hydro-generator’s down/uphaul tackle, as well as lead the main and spinnaker sheets to the companionway to allow for release from inside the boat. I would like to go up the rig again for an inspection. The bottom already needs a clean-up job. I’d like to replace the boom-end sheaves. The list is long …

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