Finally, some sailing

Last Saturday I took Changabang for a stroll in light wind off the California Coast. I didn’t put the mainsail. I just hoisted the cruising Flying Fish spinnaker and sailed close angles to the wind (110-100 TWA; 75-60 AWA). The spinnaker was quietly happy with that. After an hour I turned around and hoisted the large code 0, trying to keep the AWA at 55. All in all, it was a really nice day of sailing; we even hit speeds of about 8 kts!

Flying Fish spinnaker stretched tight for close reaching

Sunday, with Alex, we finally completed the navigation lights replacement projects. While Alex was busy working in close quarters aft, moving foam in and out of reserve flotation compartments, I continued to replace old lashings. In particular, I replaced the bowsprit lashing (well, one of the 3), as well as the lashings for the low friction ring used for the roller-furler tack. So, now we have 3 functioning lights (port, stern, starboard), which are handy when sailing at night in harbors or bays. Offshore we would use the masthead tri-color light.

That’s all for now.

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