Spring is almost here

And with that, I’m hoping to go for a sail soon. Over the winter I would visit the boat to check that everything was in a good state: get the rainwater out of the mainsail, charge batteries, start the engine, maybe go for a short ride in the harbor, and test the electronics. In doing so, I discovered that the NKE system needed troubleshooting as the bus was in short-circuit.

It took a while before I figured out the problem. I knew that the previous owner had flooded the forward ballast compartment, which is also where the speedo lives. I also knew that the speed readings on the NKE display would sometime look strange. A few weeks ago I finally connected the dots and opened the box where the speedo connects to the NKE bus. I discovered plenty of corrosion in the connectors. So I ordered a new interface and a new cable. The plan was to solder the new cable to the existing cable this weekend but I found out that they are different. I’ve reached out to NKE for instructions!

I’ve received a quote for a quick bottom paint: $4,000. Pfew … I ned to schedule this next.

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