Spring is here!

And with that, the weather improved just so that I could go sailing. The first time out was an easy sail under mainsail alone. Go out and back. For the second sail, I rigged the jib back up, sailed out, turned around, and popped the A1.5. I came back home completely wiped. I am not used to sailing anymore, having been mostly sitting for work. The third time, last Sunday, Alex joined me, and we did much of the same. The conditions were excellent with a reasonable swell and a good breeze between 10-15 kts. With the A1.5 up we did hit 12+ kts over ground thanks to nice long surfs!

I still need to solder the speedo cable to the connector and put the new NKE interface into production. I also would like to replace the control mechanism for the engine joystick. The big cost of the bottom paint is looming large over this season’s budget.

Downwind with the A1.5

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