Cradled again, waiting by the quayside

Thursday morning, a truck showed up in Frossay to pick up Changabang’s cradle. The cradle had to be partly dismounted to meet height and width requirements for road transport.

Loading the cradle.

The cradle arrived in the port of Antwerp on Friday. Another hired skipper and his partner then moved Changabang from the Willemdok marina to the quay where the cargo ship will load her. She was then picked out of the water and dropped back in her cradle. My contact in Antwerp took a bunch of pictures so I grouped them together in the slideshow below. It looks like Changabang still looks great. The next step will be loading and securing her on the cargo ship, which should happen in a few days. The cargo ship is now passing the West corner of Spain.

Unrelated news

As far as updates are concerned I must share that Thursday morning, as part of a large operation at 8×8, Inc, I was laid off (it took 5 minutes at best). I’m still processing that; it’s never fun to feel so disposable. Maybe, I’ll leave in fall 2020 after all. This is exactly what happened the last time I had offshore sailing plans with Clipper and then the Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race.


Before Changabang can leave for a circumnavigation there are some key fabrication jobs that I need to consider, primarily adding hydro-generators brackets and an emergency rudder. Yesterday I discussed these jobs with a boatyard in Berkeley. Some of these jobs will take some creative thinking as the stern of Changabang is fairly busy as it is! Ideas and suggestions (based on practical experience) are welcome.

Changabang’s stern

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